Support recovery and improve growth

Reviva Ewe

Reviva Ewe

Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe is a recovery drink for freshly lambed ewes. 


Each ewe should receive 100g of Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe dissolved in 2 litres of lukewarm water immediately after lambing.


Farm-O-San Reviva Ewe contains the electrolytes required for rapid rehydration, dextrose, a source of energy that can be absorbed from the gut rapidly, and added vitamins.


Quickly rehydrates and replenishes mineral loss in freshly lambed ewes. Helps to increase ewe's activity and forage intake after lambing and improves growth of the lambs.

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The balancing act of freshly lambed ewes

During the last few weeks before lambing, growth of the unborn lambs accelerates and as a result, energy requirements of the ewe can increase dramatically. The unborn lambs require space, leaving less space for the rumen, resulting in a reduction of dry matter intake. For this reason, ewes are in negative energy balance during the last weeks before lambing, particularly if they carry twins or triplets.

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