Reduces the pH of milk or CMR



Farm-O-San AcidFit reduces the pH of milk or CMR, thus reducing the risk of contamination and improving digestion of proteins.


If calves are fed with calf milk replacer, add 12.5 of Farm-O-San AcidFit to 10 litres of calf milk replacer. In case whole milk or calf milk replacer containing skim milk powder is being fed, add 25 g of Farm-O-San AcidFit to 10 liter of milk/calf milk replacer. Feed Farm-O-San AcidFit from the 2nd feeding until day 10.


Farm-O-San AcidFit contains a mixture of organic and anorganic acids and can be used to reduce the pH of calf milk replacer or whole milk to around 5.0. In contrast to most other products available, it comes as a powder.


The organic and anorganic acids used in Farm-O-San AcidFit are known to be well tolerated by calves. Farm-O-Fan AcidFit is formulated as a powder, making handling of the product much easier.

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